Wholesale Glow Stick is perfect for Parties or Recreation Purposes

A simple glow stick comes with a transparent plastic tube where it contains isolated materials for generating artificial light from some time. This is the process of chemical reaction of induced chemo luminescence. Observe that it is for single use only where there is no on-off button for holding the emitting light. It is an emergency light used especially at the dark places for traveling or at any adventure places to know. images4

The main theme of this Wholesale Glow Stick will glow until the chemical reaction has finished. Make sure that the energy is releases by the chemical reaction. There are wide varieties of colors are available in the market like yellow, green, pink, blue and orange. Some people love to use these glow sticks with red, white, and yellow-green also.

What it contains?

This contains with the hydrogen peroxide as in liquid state which flow either in a small glass or breakable plastic vial. There is another chemical which is separately present in the stick called phenyl oxalate.  Many of the people get confused for starting where there is no any button on this plastic vial. Make sure to bend this plastic where ever such that it should break the vial inside the stick. Observe that the liquid present in the stick (hydrogen Peroxide) leaks to mix with the phenyl oxalate and begin to form a chemical reaction where a distinctive glow appears throughout the entire stick.

images11Observe that the reaction occurring in this light stick will generate the energy in the form of energy. Thus it names as Chemiluminesence where the electrons will raise to higher energy level by the chain reaction. As per the science the light-producing material does not provide any heat to make changes. It is simply occurs with the affect of the temperature around that. Observe that if you try to glow this light in the refrigerator it starts cool and sop emitting light for further. It is not so funny to test in a microwave where it leads to the leakage of the hydrogen peroxide outside of that plastic vial.

Like this there are Custom Horns for entertainment purpose where to create signaling and symbol.

Are these sticks waterproof?

Of course this Custom Glow Stick comes with perfect waterproof where you can be used underwater for night diving, surfing or pool parties. Imagine the lovely experience by taking these sticks into a swimming pool especially in the night time. Most of some place at the depth sea levels the diving people use to take these glow sticks to make their research over new species.

Are these safe?

Make sure that the fluid inside the sticks is non toxic. It is only to produce the light until it breaks completely outside, and also there is no radiation. In case if that fluid falls on your skin, don’t panic but make sure to rinse with water immediately. If contact in your eyes it’s better to consult a nearby doctor. images8

As part of these traveling promotional products are the perfect place for advertising and making business. This product based advertisement could reach their expectation as part of business and deals. As we know that these are use and through products where your company logo or brand image will glow till the light emits out. You can able to satisfy their need as part of emergency where they could not forget your brand exposure.

As part of traveling products the fishing tackles plays a major role for this sport activity. The most of the beaches are gently, the deep where you should use special tackles for Wholesale Fishing easily. There are wide varieties of tackles which are available in the present market.


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