Importance of Custom Ponchos and Difference from Rain Coats

A poncho is a perfect and great choice that completely keeps you dry, and during the wet weather also.  A poncho is a type of outer garment that is usually made from a single piece of material with a single hole in it. Avery special rain poncho is designed to keep a person dry. It is made from the material called nylon and it is fully water proof. It protects the people in a convenient way of staying out from the rain. A Wholesale Ponchos is designed to fit around the neck for added protection.  Fotolia_28910303_Subscription_XXL-1

In general these ponchos are originated in South America. T the time of 17th century this poncho has spread through worldwide. Especially in Central America and Mexico these poncho will act like a rain gear which protects from the heavy downpours and is also comfortable in hot weather also.

The word “poncho” is originated with the people know as “Mapuche”. From the very small towns and villages presented in South America, this Custom Ponchos has jumped and elaborated towards the fashion. It is perfect and well designed for both fashion as well as standard coats.

Another benefit of a poncho is that it offers more coverage of your body being in round shape. It allows all the rainwater to drip from your body. It keeps your accessories and clothes to stay drier. It not only covers your head and upper body of your body, but will drape down and cover your knees and feet too.

While you are going to buy a ponchos remember that there are different types of rain ponchos, including reusable ones and disposable ones. From the material like vinyl and nylon these rain ponchos are manufactured. Remember that these are not only for waterproof, but also lightweight to carry and handle. The material used here is very easy to fold, such that it can be crushed like small enough to fit in your pocket also. These ponchos are portable and very durable also. Custom Ponchos are especially good for any outdoor activities that involve for example horse riding.

Difference between waterproof poncho and the raincoat 344

The waterproof poncho comes with the different weights and levels of water resistance that you choose. Some of them are disposed after one use. The both will allow a complete and convenient freedom of every movement in your body.  The basic difference between a waterproof poncho and the traditional raincoat is that the poncho does not have sleeves in special. It is the only one piece of cloth like a blanket.

There are different types of ponchos are being made from a classic fabrics and can be waterproofed by adding nylon or polyethylene. The most added feature of any poncho is a hood.  It keeps the neck area dry and prevents water from rolling down the back.

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