Promotional Reflectors- Safety Features for all Vehicles

The Reflector is great safety features for anything that is moving in the dark. It generally use for the people who work on road side in night time. By using these Promotional Reflectors to the vehicles like bicycles, cars or motorcycles will try to avoid from accidents.

Even for the pedestrians these reflectors will help to increase their protection while walking on dark roads.  In general these all reflecting tapes have a Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) base. It allows the tape to produce a constant and long-lasting reflective surface when light is emitted on it.

In order to reduce the accidents occurring at night these PVC helps to prevent. Reflectors are also used in zones such as the pedestrian crossing zone. Ultimately, these reflectors encourage safe driving conditions.

How it works:

When the small amount of light strikes the rear of a reflector, an angle of reflection is taken place where that is greater than the ‘critical angle’. Critical angle is the angle of incidence where the total internal reflection can take place. In these cases the light is completely reflected back out from the reflector in the direction and it alerts highly to the other vehicles.

Among all the reflectors the special one that prevents the life from accidents is Road reflectors. These are used to control traffic and encourage safe driving conditions. Road reflectors can be installed by different methods depending on the level of traffic and type of climate. Really these are made from ceramic, plastic, and sometimes metal also. In general these are also known as traffic delineators, raised pavement markers, road markers, cat’s eyes, road studs. It makes and clears the whole traffic lanes visible to the drivers who are at night duty.

Color Indication:

Yellow: It indicates the two way direction traffic.

White: General lane divisions.

Blue: Marks fire hydrants.

Red: It indicates such as “do not enter” or Stop. 

Especially at the places where low to medium amount of traffic, these Custom Reflectors can be placed on the roads by use of a simple adhesive substance or butyl pad. Remember that for high traffic volume, the reflectors must use a more adhesive substance.

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