What is Promotional Pedometer? How it is used for Health?

Pedometers can be used as a motivation tools for people those who want to increase their physical activity. It records and enters their daily step count and a heart beat also. Mostly people prefer this tool for specially to reduce Blood Pressure levels and Body Mass Index.

Promotional Pedometers are now becoming popular as an everyday exercise measures and motivator. Pedometers are small electronic devices which use to record your lap time while you are doing exercise. That’s why these pedometers are becoming extremely popular.  Especially this Pedometer is beneficial for the following people.

Runners and Walkers: This tool deserves the distance and speed, they are extremely helpful in keeping a track of the workout.

Professionals: It looks pretty good. The Professional runners and sportsmen use to carry these kinds of devices to evaluate their daily performance.

Diet:  A pedometer can also be used to measure calories. It efficiently measures the burned calories.

How it works?

The technology used in these tools is a mechanical sensor and software to count steps. Compare to olden days this mechanical switch is used to detect steps together with a simple count. Being Motion Sensors were used and more over with sophisticated software for detecting the no of steps. This software technology is used to interpret the output of the inertial sensor and make sense of accurate steps for counting.

Nowadays this new Custom Pedometers is used in mobiles also. The pedometer application tracks steps taken, time elapsed and distance traveled. But this application cannot run continuously because it drains the phone’s battery.

Health Advice:

As everyone knows that Walking is one of the best ways to keep fit and to lose the weight. In simple we can say that the no of steps from your everyday activities count toward your total distance walked during the entire day. Remember that the simple measures like walking towards bus stop or using stairs will burn up many calories.  Pedometers are an excellent tool to help you set goals and see your achievements.

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